Top 6 reasons to see Thor: Ragnarok


Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel’s 3rd outing for the God of thunder takes a decidedly different turn from other movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Its comedic tone is one to be enjoyed and appreciated. These are the top 6 reasons to go see Thor: Ragnarok.


Hela and Skurge


Hela A female villain with style– the Goddess of Death is Thor and Loki’s older sister. Hela (Cate Blanchett) is nothing like them and makes apologies about it. She’s strong, her costume isn’t sexed up, she’s got an objective and intends to do it. Its not pride that drives her or even wanting her father’s love, she’s clearly pissed he locked her away its dominance and bloodlust. The conviction she has is lacking from most of the previous Marvel villains. They all lacked something that she definitely has.

Skurge villain sidekick – Heimdall’s replacement is bad at his job, uses the bridge to steal from other worlds (he’s found of Earth and Texas in particular) and follows whomever he’s told to. Skurge (Karl Urban) the sidekick you expect and you still end up enjoying him for more than the Warriors Three

The Grandmaster


Jeff Goldman being well himself – The Grandmaster is in charge on this world and runs the Gladiator fights as well as the scrapers.Every minute he’s on screen is fun. His praise of his best scrapper on this junk kingdom, his ease with Loki, the way he kills someone but is grosses out by it is all the Jeff Goldman you could want.



The badass Valkyrie – From her drunken entrance, to her flashbacks of fighting to defeat Hela, Valkyrie’s Scrapper 142 is the best female in the MCU right now. Tessa Thompson brings everything to the table here.

Bruce Banner and Thor

A confused Bruce Banner – Since going off the grid Bruce (Mark Ruffalo) has been Hulk for 2 years. His ability to wrap around how he couldn’t switch it off, walking around in Tony Stark clothes (complete with Duran Duran shirt) his touch of bewilderment with how Hulk is revered in this world is fun to watch. Even though Thor tries to retell his version of what happened since it seems Bruce has now memory of the past 2 years he has reason to doubt its validity.


The Extended Dr Strange scene that continues from the post credits of Dr. Strange – Loki and Thor go together, hilarity ensues.  Thor: Ragnarok is a fun ride from beginning to end. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and there’s a lot to be said for that.