Girls Trip is a reminder all relationships take maintainence

Girls Trip Teaser Poster

Something I realize lots of people talk about often is friendship, or mostly lack close friendships. Friendship like all relationships take work and most people forget that. Girls Trip at its core is there to remind you that friendship is a two-way street.
Friends since high school and wildly different, Ryan (Regina Hall) is successful, married and at the top of her game. Sasha (Queen Latifah) once a celebrated journalist runs a gossip blog. Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith) divorced working mother of 2 who no longer has a social life. Dina (Tiffany Haddish) the wild one who refuses to grow up and never misses an opportunity to get turnt. Look at your closest group of friends and you’ll probably have group dynamic similar to this. I definitely do.

Girls trip Sasha, Ryan, Lisa, Dina
After several Girls trips to New Orleans, life got in the way. We all know that feeling. You move, you get divorced, you have some babies, your job is too demanding, etc everyone grows but you still need to make time for each other. Girls Trip shows the strength of this multi-year friendship but it also shows how cracks happen and what can be done to repair it. The biggest lessons are ones most people make, drifting apart and not being willing to reconnect. Holding your tongue when you are hurt by the actions of another. Loyalty doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Too often people forgo friendships during early stages of marriage and child rearing with the assumption that when the kids are all grown you can pick up where you left off. We don’t assume this of our careers why do we assume this of our relationships with other people?
Girls Trip is absolutely funny and a must see with your girls but don’t forget why they are your girls. Who was there when you caught your husband cheating and came to take him down? Who will talk you out of a big mistake as blunt as necessary but even when you decide to not listen say ok and still catch you when you fall? Who are you having brunch with? When your kids are gone who are you calling? It’s a wake up call for some to remember to cultivate your friendships because there will be a time you need them the most. They will come, even if you are the one they usually rely on, when you need them they still got you.