Newtown – In theaters Special Presentation

No one is capable of shaking one of the worst acts of school violence in the US. Newtown the documentary from Director Kim Snyder, is an imtaimte and yet painful look at how the town of Newtown was forever altered by the shooting on December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary.

I had a chance to see Newtown during Full Frame Film Festival back in April and meet with Kim and editor Gabriel Rhodes. The film itself is gripping in going beyond a retelling of that day but continuing with how everyone from the families of the victims, the parents of classmates who survived, emergency personnel and clergy are coping, long after the fact. It explores the relationships the families had before and after and how the community deals with it.

Kim Snyder and Gabriel Rhodes

Directro Kim Snyder and Editor Gabriel Rhodes

Newtown is a powerful film. It goes beyond just the event, in fact there’s about 3 years worth of story here. Some of the most heartfelt moments are about people coming together. I don’ t usually cry in films. This was an exception. The touching moments are just as important. Families coping in their own way. The paths they moved toward to heal. Everyone grieves differently. The entire town grieved together in unique ways.


This Wednesday November 2nd Fathom Events will be presenting Newtown Live A National Conversation in theaters nationwide. This one night event will air live at 7:30PM on the east coast with a tape delay in other time zones. This special event will be shown in over 500 locations with a town hall panel afterward moderated by CNN’s Chris Cuomo. You can view a list of participating theaters on Fathom Events or purchase tickets via Fandango.

Newtown will air on PBS stations April 3, 2017. Don’t wait, see this film now.