New music from Mary J. Blige


I’ve been a fan of Mary J. Blige since her first album. I still remember first hearing Real Love on the radio and in the halls at school. Noting that she used to be the background singer on Father MCs songs and just loving everything about her. I could not wait for her latest albums buying many the day they were released.
The London Sessions has very power lyrical chops. There seems to be a conscience effort to tell a story of pain and healing throughout most of the album. Some of the songs resonate a power behind, there’s so much in the words of Therapy, Doubt and Not Loving You. But they are missing something… pain. It’s not a secret to Mary’s true fans that when she’s in pain her music conveys that. Her most soulful songs have been when she has been at her lowest points. Sure she can still write from a place of pain but singing from it isn’t in this album. She’s happy on the dance tracks like Right Now and My Loving, but when you listen to Whole Damn Year, the first single off the album which is getting lots of radio play, it’s faint. You sorta feel what’s supposed to be behind it but it doesn’t quite connect.
I realize this is nitpicking but I know she’s such an emotional singer it’s hard to ignore. She’s happily married and it comes out. I probably listened to the entire album about a dozen times over a 2 day period. The feeling is still the same powerful lyrics and a little less that what you expect from Mary J. Blige in terms of emotion.


The London Sessions Track Listing
1. Therapy
2. Doubt
3. Not Loving You
4. When You’re Gone
5. Right Now
6. My Loving
7.Long Hard Look
8. Whole Damn Year
9 .Nobody But You
10. Pick Me Up
11. Follow
12. Worth My Time


The London Sessions is being released on December 2nd. The album can be purchased via iTunes and/or pre-ordered via Amazon  now. Check out the lyric video for Therapy below.



Disclosure:I participated in the Mary J Blige The London Sessions album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided a free album to review but all opinions are my own.