Movie Review: Fury


If you have any ideas that war movies might be fun or happy, Fury is about to remind you that war is awful. The solemn looks, the lack of humor, the blood and tears and violence early in lets you know this will not be a light or fun war movie.

Set in April 1945 Fury focuses mostly on a the tank crew where Brad Pitt is Sergeant Collier, nickname Wardaddy and their fearless leader. We start with the boys losing one of their men in the last battle and returning to camp. The guys in the tank are Bible (Shia LaBeouf) an ultra-religious southerner, Gordo (Michael Pena) war has made him drunk excessively, Coon-Ass (Jon Bernthal) as the rough, mean and “uncivilized one. When Red dies in the previous battle Norman (Logan Lerman) gets assigned to their detail. He’s been in the army for 8 weeks and was a typist. He’s never ever held a gun prior. While nothing about him ending up on the tank detail makes sense, once Collier accepts that he has to keep him he’s throw right in the fight with the job of cleaning up the blood of the man he replaced. What makes the Fury tank different is that they have been together longer than any other tank crew. There’s no rhyme or reason to these guys, its made clear Red and Gordo were close while Bible and Coon are close but as a whole they just work well together.

Columbia Pictures

Columbia Pictures

Fury wants to make sure you know that nobody in war is immune to its effects but some still do little things to hold onto their humanity. There’s a scene about halfway thru when they take a town that results in Collier and Norman going into an apartment and spend time with its inhabitants. You get to see the fears of the men, the insanity of battle while it still portrays the opposing side not as villains but as soldiers and the civilians as exhausted reluctant members of Hitler’s army.

Being a more somber war movie this isn’t going to have mass appeal. You will not feel good after watching the carnage and you aren’t supposed to. While this did not bother me if you aren’t a real war junkie enthusiast its jut not going to appeal to you. What did drive me absolutely batty was the choice to color code the shots doing the battle sequences. Nothing made me want to rage more than watching a movie set in 1945 then seeing red lights shooting out of Fury’s weapons and green lights firing out of Nazi weapons. Am I watching GI Joe? Star Wars? What the hell is happening. I literally threw my hands up during the last battle. I do believe it made me stop questioning the herringbone necklace on Michael Pena’s neck. Fury in actually a decent movie but the little things become big things to some people. If you can get past that or if you just really liked Lone Survivor you will like Fury.

Director: David Ayer
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Release Date: October 17, 2014
Run time: 2 hours 14 minutes
MPAA Rating: R