Is Into The Storm Twister 2.0?

into the storm poster


Into The Storm you may think is a Twister remake but its not. Instead of taking some well established actors they figured it doesn’t matter who we hire since we are going to make this storm insane. Think that would work?

Into the Storm features Mike from VEEP (Matt Walsh) as a seasoned and well respected storm chaser who is having a terrible season chasing storms. He’s trying to market the Titus, basically a weather tank that would be able to withstand the eye of a tornado with winds up to 170MPH. His crew are 2 seasoned cameramen, a guy who’s tagging along for a hopeful payday and Allison (Sarah Wayne Callies) a meteorologist who is clearly the smartest woman in the room. In the dueling group cast we have a Donnie (Max Deacon) High School junior who’s dad played by Richard Armitage is the Assistant Principal at his high school, and his little brother Trey is Freddie from iCarly (Nathan Kress). He blows off his duties to film the graduation ceremony in order to help the girl he’s been dreaming of from afar film a video. We also have the B plot where a guy who’s convinced he can be a YouTube sensation as a daredevil and his backwoods friend who films is stunts decide to become amateur tornado chasers in an attempt to be internet famous. Into The Storm is told from the handheld cam POV. Thankful it’s not in 3D because after watching Earth to Echo which made me ill with the shaky cam and 3D I could not stomach another combo of that. The shots alternate from the different people shooting so you get the perspective of the 3 groups converging for this storm even.

into the storm


Lets not pretend the acting is good, its not really expected either. This are a lot of people who don’t star anywhere, who you won’t remember are in this film and I think that’s the point. By not having big Hollywood actors you don’t focus on them as actors but as characters in a film that’s about a one town with the worst luck ever. I like disaster movies and this doesn’t disappoint. The film opens with nameless characters against a tornado in the night vs. a car full of teenagers who are filming instead of running. The tornadoes form and dissipate all over the place with little to no rhyme or reason. The cast who’s chasing or avoiding never seem to be prepared and alternate between filming and running. Half the fun is to see who the next one will drop a house on. While its been spoiled in the current TV spot, I saw this in a completely packed trailer and there’s one moment in the final 3rd of the film where the reveal the audience made a collective gasp. Its been a very long time since that’s happened.


I went to catch this with a friend of mine who snarked along side me at both Oblivion and Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters. We both went in thinking lets see what happens and came out of the film with silly grins. To say we enjoyed it is an understatement. Maybe I enjoyed it more because of who I was with, this is definitely a movie to see with your friends who share your tastes. The exact same moments will have you elbowing each other then laughing hysterically. Of course there’s some strange plotholes like why in the Midwest in prime tornado territory teenagers wouldn’t know the sound of one approaching. It seems like everyone who lives in this area is completely unaware of the weather patterns of Oklahoma. Regardless if you like disaster movies this will not disappoint. Go see it with your friends, enjoy how good it looks, or wait and watch it on your big screen TV at home again with friends.

My Rating: Matinee
Director: Steven Quale
Studio: Warner Bros.
Release Date: August 8, 2014
Run time: 89 minutes
MPAA Rating: PG-13