District Heroes Posters to promote Mockingjay Part 1

The promos for the next installment in the Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 have started rolling out with an weird creepy vibe that requires more examination. As you may remember Lionsgate is going all out in its promotion for the Hunger Games franchise with a e magazine and very heavy tumblr that features lots of the looks of the Capitol. The Capitol Portraits from last year and the Victory Tour images were just one of many that were used to keep the momentum going. It looks like this will be no different. The current campaign District Heroes shows various District citizens in outfits that represent their district. Check out the gallery with 7 of the districts, click on each image for a larger version of each.


The Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 1 opens November 21st. You can see more of the information straight from panem from http://thecapitol.pn/

The photos do not feature former champion as implied but the title District Heroes, but what is assumed to be regular citizens handpicked from each district. The thing is each picture has something that either shockingly off or more subtle to feel like a threat from the Capitol.

District 3 looks almost inhuman. The robotic features and all the tech gear which is not part of everyday life. The headgear almost feels like mind control. District 6 features pants made out of tire treads. The Capitol will just roll right over them if they need to. District 7 shows the high price of lumber featuring an amputee with his leg resting in his lap. District 12 is clearly meant to scare Katniss. The mines which killed her father are worked exclusively by men and to feature a young girl covered in the dirt of the mine to implies they’ve forced child labor. We know child labor exists in other districts but this seems beyond what other experience.  Have other thoughts on the portraits? Share them in the comments.