Movie Review: Blended

Blended final movie posterAdam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are at it again. After a string of films nobody can even tolerate from Adam Sandler he seemed to remember some of his best work is when he’s with Drew Barrymore. In Blended the duo go on a disastrous blind date. Adam Sandler is Jim, the store manager of a local Dicks Sporting Goods and the single father of 3 girls. Each whom have the same generic boy/shaggy dog haircut and have all their clothes come straight from dad’s store. His teenage daughter he even calls Larry instead of her real name. Lauren is a divorced mom of 2 boys with an unreliable and selfish ex husband Mark (Joel McHale) who the kids adore. She owns her own business as a closet organizer. Jim and Lauren’s date takes place at the local Hooters where everyone knows him, the waitresses fawn over him and he watches ESPN, which is also the name of one of his daughters, behind her instead of paying attention. Lauren is so tightly wound she can’t get out of this date fast enough. As they are recounting their date stories to their friends Jim to coworker Doug (Shaquille O’Neal) and Lauren to her friend Jen played by the constantly hilarious, I can’t get enough of this woman, Wendi McLendon-Covey. it’s very clear the attraction doesn’t exist, they both had a terrible time but they are of course more similar then they think.

Adam Sandler and Drew barrymore in Blended

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Jim and Lauren can’t stop running into each other around town and a credit card mix-up results in their small world getting smaller as Jen is dating Jim’s boss Dick she bails on his planned trip to Africa in front of both Jim and Lauren. Both separately scheme on how to grab this vacation that will now go unused. We wouldn’t have a film if they didn’t end up on the trip together. While we end up losing Jen and her great timing we get the staff at the hotel. Turns out the resort is hosting its annual blended family vacation. Since Jim and Lauren are pretending to be Dick and Jen they end up in the same room which has a large family room for the kids and a separate love den complete with vibrating bed and stripper pole for the parents.

The cast of Blended while in Africa

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Most of the funny lines and moments don’t come from Adam Sandler. The supporting cast delivers repeatedly throughout this film. I laughed several times and I think only one of those times was Adam Sandler directly part of the joke. From Terry Crews as the borderline stalker/creeper musical director Nickens, Kevin Nealon is Eddy on the trip with his young and hot new wife Ginger (Jessica Lowe) who tries but is rejected by Eddy’s teenaged son Jake (Zak Henri) The kids are mostly manage to not be holy terrors on screen. I can only take so much precocious child and they balanced with the other kids like the ugly duckling transformation and the grieving in her own way kid. The supporting is really why you enjoy it. Drew and Adam still have chemistry and play off each other well but Blended takes the time to make a full movie out of the huge cast and make it work. Something not easy with this many kid actors who can easily become annoying. Terry Crews is his own caricature and plays it up to the extreme. There’s a like of good timing in Blended and so much supporting cast work that I enjoyed it. Bella Thorne,¬†Abdoulaye NGom, and Dan Patrick also star.

My Rating: Matinee
Director: Frank Coraci
Studio: Warner Bros
Release Date: May 23, 2014
Run time: 117 minutes
MPAA Rating: PG-13

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