Pompeii – The volcano gets its starring role

pompeii-posterEven though you know the ending does a movie need to be made? Pompeii travels down the same road Titanic did; we know the ship sinks in the end its the path to the disaster you are watching for. The same thing for Pompeii, you know the volcano explodes in the end but how do we get there?

Pompeii needed something to tie you over till the main attraction and so they bring you a love story. Kit Harington (you know nothing Jon Snow) plays Milo an orphan who’s entire clan is slain by those evil Romans. He grows up to become a ruthless and powerful gladiator who fights in the smaller arenas till he is sold for the bigger show. Emily Browning plays Cassia Pompeii royalty. On her return from an extended time in Rome she, of course, comes across Milo when her caravan home passes him on the slave route to Pompeii. Once the are both in Pompeii, the mechanics of getting them together again comes into play.

Kit Harington as  Milo in Pompeii


Most of Milo life once he gets to Pompeii is a lot less shirtless. Here he meets the top gladiator Atticus (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) who, thanks to a series of plot devices he is scheduled to fight. Kiefer Sutherland is the wicked roman senator Corvius. He’s trying to channel more of his darker roles but he has a case of “which accent should I use” during the film. He’s not bad here but you will notice it to some extent. He of course was one of the many suitors of Cassia and uses his considerable Roman power and Pompeii’s need for capital to claim her as his bride.

Mt. Vesuvius explodes in TriStar Pictures' POMPEII.


Pompeii is portrayed as a lively tourist town. The annual festival is the reason for bringing in more gladiators and plus all the Roman troops. The people don’t fear the mountain and take its small rumblings as signs from the gods. You have to wait till the 3rd act to get to the true star of the movie, The first 50 minutes film is really just filler till you get to the big show and its a great ride to the finish. When Mt. Vesuvius blows and well its definitely a great explosion. I watched this in 3D and its definitely some good 3D for the big show. It’s used in the earlier parts of the film, not too intrusive, not doing to make you sick, lots of depth of view but they go all out for the eruption and its really good. There’s almost nothing bad to say about the eruption and the ensuing chaos as it lays waste to Pompeii. It rocks the city in waves but it looks really good. Is Pompeii good? Well its not bad, the eruption is definitely worth viewing and really that’s probably why you would go anyway. Carrie-Ann Moss and Jared Harris also star.

My Rating: Redbox
Worth the upcharge: Yes
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Studio: FilmDistrict, TriStar
Release Date: February 21,2014
Run time: 98 minutes
MPAA Rating: PG-13

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