Product Review: Disney Classics CD Collection

Disney Classics box coverDisney has released a new CD set to bring back all the nostalgia of classic Disney into your home. The Disney Classics 4 CD collection features music from the various different Disney arms.

We were excited to get this in our home since years ago we owned the previous Disney 4 volume set. That version had a mixed of old and new songs on each disc. This one categorizes them so if you are looking for songs from TV shows or music from the parks you can get it all in one location.

The Disney Classics

Modern Classics – Songs from Disney films release between the late 80’s and the newest being Tangled
Timeless Classics – These are the popular songs from the early Disney years feature length and shorts
Theme Park Classics – Its exactly as it says music from the Parks from the Tiki Room to The Pirates of the Caribbean ride
Television Classics – For those who were younger when the Disney Channel went on the air this is the album that will bring back the most memories. Theme songs from cartoons like Darkwing Duck to the original films of High School Musical are all including on this disc.

While many of the songs on Timeless and Theme Park are all repeats from the first CDs, Television is at least 75% new content and the Modern classics features lots of songs you know but probably didn’t have previously.

This makes a great holiday gift and is available to buy from Amazon for $32.09.  It also is available  For those who are looking for the digital version iTunes has the entire collection available for $39.99.

Since the CDs have been in our house they we all have our favorites. I have found myself listening to the Television Classics disc most often, while the Modern Classics has not left my daughter’s computer. To say there isn’t someone for everyone is an understatement. The Disney Classics collection because of the way its divided makes it easy for different family members to listen to the part of Disney that moves them the most.

I was provided a set of the Disney Classic CD Collection as part of the Entertainment New Media Network for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.