Movie Review: The Best Man Holiday

The best man Holiday PosterA lot changes in 15 years. The Best Man Holiday takes the main cast from the original film and brings them back together for a Chstimas celebration at the home of Lance (Morris Chestnut) and Mia (Monica Calhoun) Sullivan. This movie is for the fans of the first movie and it takes the time to craft a good story.

For those who recall in the first film (if you haven’t seen The Best Man its available to rental on several streaming sources)  It ends with Lance and Mia’s wedding, Harper (Taye Diggs) proposing to his girlfriend Robin (Sanaa Lathan) and the post credits of Quentin and Shelby waking up the next morning in bed together. The Best Man Holiday begins with a timeline highlighting what all the characters have been up to. Lance is still star NFL player in his last season with the Giants and is still happily married with 4 children to Mia. Harper’s best-selling book leads to success and a position teaching at NYU. Robin is featured as a rising chef and is currently pregnant with their first child. Julian (Harold Perrineau) and Candice (Regina Hall) are happily married with 2 children and run a charter school. Jordan (Nia Long) is an award winning producer and powerful executive at MSNBC she’s also dating Brian (Eddie Cibrian) the only new adult character. Shelby (Melissa De Sousa) went on to marry and divorce for money, and star on one of the Real Housewives alliterations. Quentin (Terrence Howard) is a brand manager, still single and still the same Quentin.

Even after all this time old grudges and feelings are still alive. Lance and Harper never returned to where they were before he learned what was in Harper’s book. Robin is still jealous of Mia, and Shelby still wants Julian. Mia has a reason for inviting the gang back together, and its explained something that was unknown from the first film how and why Shelby is still there, (She was a line sister with Mia) but Mia has a plan as to why she needs everyone to get close again.

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The Best Man Holiday has a lot of personal drama, infighting timely jokes but a fluid storyline to it. The 3rd act is clearly meant to make you sad as there’s tragedy and heartbreak for the characters. The film takes the time to show how it impacts each of them. Sometimes films neglect that which prevents you from feeling for the characters. There’s also growth on the part of a few of the characters. Yes the beginning establishes that several of them have grown but several of them haven’t and the week they spend at the Sullivan home forces them to grow, mend relationships and realize what they have.

While the film got a bit preachy at times overall The Best Man Holiday is a good film. Its not heavy handed in its treatment of most of the characters. Terrence Howard is comedy gold this entire film. If he’s in a scene you are going to laugh intentionally or not. It’s definitely is needed because the film hit a sad moment that can really suck the air out of the room. If you want to get a better look at the timeline of the characters Universal has a really elaborate timeline on their website.
My Rating: Matinee
Director: Malcolm D. Lee
Studio: Universal Pictures
Release Date: November 15, 2013
Run time: 2 hours 2 minutes
MPAA Rating: R

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