Last Vegas A Senior version of The Hangover

last vegas posterFour life long friends, from their youth as the neighborhood kids they were known as the Flatbush Four. They grew up but they still remained close and now the ladies man the eternal bachelor is getting married. Time to get the band back together.

In Last Vegas, Its been 50+ years since the beginning of the film when they are young teens. Billy (Michael Douglas) is the only one still not married, he also thanks his life as a wealthy lawyer is looking younger than he should. While giving the eulogy of yet another friend he’s struck in a weird way to propose to his girlfriend who’s well more than half his age. Archie (Morgan Freeman) is retired Air Force divorced and now lives with his son, daughter-in-law and his new grand baby. Somehow along the line because of his health problems he’s now being treated like a child. Sam (Kevin Kline) is still happily married and lives in a retirement community where he’s bored out of his mind. Paddy (Robert DeNiro) is still mourning the death of his beloved wife Sophie, he had a falling out after her funeral and is now a curmudgeon not ready to let go of the past or to move forward.

Last Vegas

This sounds a bit like the Hangover doesn’t it? Well in some ways it is. We get to see how they all make their way to Vegas and its quite funny to see elderly men try to figure out who to pull this off. When The gang arrives Billy & Paddy quickly end up fighting with the others trying to find a way to keep the peace. There’s a backstory about paddy’s wife Sophie. Billy and paddy both vied for her but she ended up marrying Paddy and they were very happy together. Billy did not attend her funeral for reasons we find out much later in the film. There’s a bunch of funny moments from the guys arriving at the hotel they stayed at long ago in Old Last Vegas only to find out the hotel is under renovation and there are no rooms. The meet a local lounge singer Diana (Mary Steenburgen) and sure enough Paddy and the soon to be married Billy are both taken with her and vie for her time. The guys have all kinds of shenanigans, from trying to fool Archie’s son into thinking he’s at a church retreat, their experience with the Las Vegas nightclub scene, and Sam trying to figure out how to use the free pass his wife gave him to cheat while in Vegas. Romany Malco also appears at the hotel concierge, Lonny.

Last Vegas

Last Vegas plays up the comedic side of all these wonderful and well accomplished actors while acknowledging they are very old indeed. They don’t do things out of character for people their age and they treat the younger cast accordingly. There’s a whole string of continuous jokes about the age of Billy’s fiance, who we see in the beginning and don’t see again until after the bachelor party. The guys do it in style and are remembering to enjoy life while they still can. I give this movie a Matinee because you can’t deny that the actors are all great but they are doing something we aren’t used to seeing them do, act their age.

My Rating: Matinee
Director: Jon Turteltaub
Studio: CBSFilms
Release Date: November 1, 2013
Run time: 105 minutes
MPAA Rating: PG-13

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