Gravity will Amaze and Terrify you

Gravity PosterSpace can be beautiful and hauntingly quiet. Gravity directed by Alfonso Cuarón starts off in space. Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is a researcher on her first space mission. As she’s working to install a new device we meet Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) this is his last space flight. He’s charismatic and talkative and hoping he can break the space walk record. The only other voices we hear are Shariff who is below enjoying jumping while tethered to the ship and mission control (Ed Harris). Everything seems to be going along fine, Dr. Stone is flustered and not adjusting tot he environment that well and Matt is telling stories. You see the beauty of earth from space and its all visually stunning. They give you moments to take in the scenery as well. Of course all hell has to break loose.

When the Russians try to shoot down one of their old satellites they cause a massive chain reaction of lethal space debris. At first they are told everything is fine and then all of a sudden you realize that escalated quickly. I caught Gravity in 3D. While it wasn’t overly dark it didn’t see worth the glasses until the space debris comes flying towards them. Visually this movie is amazing. But what really grabs you is the music and the voices. All of a sudden its terrifying. Items flying at them at bullet speeds, the wreckage of their space shuttle and Sandra Bullocks auto as she’s hurtling through space spinning out of control. You see things from her perspective and its no longer pretty.

The survivors have to find a way to get back to earth with all communication with Earth gone. Dr. Stone is low on oxygen so getting somewhere so she can breathe again is important. The devastation of not only the collision but viewing the aftermath really speaks to you. To try to keep her calm Matt talks to Dr. Stone to get her to open up and stay alert and calm. The lack of music so you can feel the emptiness of space is magnified. When there is music is so on point its scary. They are working on a clock before the debris field comes back around again and what else do you do but talk to each other.

Gravity works in so many ways. Space is isolating and when things go wrong what you think is amazing about it become your worse nightmare. There aren’t any aliens or bizarre unexplained events, it works on the real fears of human emotion, loneliness and isolation. Gravity is terrifyingly good.

My Rating: Full Price
Worth 3D upgrade: Yes
Director: Alfonso Cuarón
Studio: Warner Brothers
Release Date: October 4th, 2013
Run time: 91 minutes
MPAA Rating: PG-13

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