Movie Review: We’re The Millers

were-the-millers-posterOn Miller Street lives David (Jason Sudeikis) a small time drug dealer who’s been dealing since college, Rose (Jennifer Aniston) a stripper at a pretty sketchy strip club, Kenny who lives in the same building as Rose and David he’s 18 now and his mom left him home while she went drinking with a friend…some time last week. Circumstances case them to meet Casey (Emma Roberts) a couch surfing runaway who’s being harassed by thugs who stole her iPhone. We’re The Millers gives us the story where the of them come together to get drug across the Mexican border and the hilarity that happens as they try to get back to Colorado.

David has to make this drug smuggling run across the border in order to settle a debt. When he realizes that its easier to get in and out of the country with a family in tow he recruits the others to come along with him. Each has their own various incentives for going along with this plan. I never liked Friends so I was pleasantly surprised by Jennifer Aniston being funny here. Even though the promos keep mentioning she’s a stripper, this is the worse stripper impersonation I’ve ever seen and considering I saw Rock of Ages that’s saying a lot. A convincing stripper she is not. A cursing wise-ass she pulls off much better. The kid that plays Kenny (Will Poulter) or as he became named later on “eyebrows” is the butt of most of the jokes at the other characters expense. There’s tons of familiar comedic faces throughout the film. Kathryn Hahn and Nick Offerman play a family with thick Wisconsin accents who the Millers run into but can’t seem to shake. David’s boss is Brad played by Ed Helms. He’s rich and very full of himself.

We’re The Millers isn’t supposed to be some deep thoughtful movie. Its got lots of crude jokes, they play the equal opportunity offender role here from suburbia on down the line. Its meant to make you laugh, cringe and be an escape for a few hours. If movies like 21 Jump Street, The Change Up or 30 Minutes or Less offended you, this will too and this movie is not for you. I happened to find all those things funny. This is the type of movie I know months from now i’ll come across while flipping channels and stop to laugh. The humor is not visual, well except for the incident with the spider, when that happened the theater erupted in hysterical laughter to the point I missed the followup joke. I give this movie a matinee. Come for the comedians you love stay for Kathryn Hahn’s accent and overshares.
My Rating: Matinee
Director:  Rawson Marshall Thurber
Studio: New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers Studios
Release Date: August 7th, 2013
Run time: 110 minutes
MPAA Rating: R

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