Movie Review: Disney’s Planes

PlanesA feel good underdog story was what Disney was going for. In Planes which in case you can’t tell is a Disney and not a Pixar film, Dusty Crophopper is a cropduster who wants to be a racing planes. The animation style will feel familiar, it is the World of cars but that’s about all the similarities.

After watching this I’m beginning to understand why Pixar put their distance between themselves and this film. There’s nothing special or original about the story. I barely saw the first Cars movie and never saw more than half of the 2nd. There’s a few ways Planes works but a lot of ways it doesn’t. What works are the animation style, its the familiar type you know from the Cars series although oddly with this being the World of Cars easily 80% of the none flying vehicles are forklifts. Even if crowd and across the global shots. The message is a good one, just because everyone tells you to do something that your meant to do doesn’t mean you cant be great at something else. The problem? This story was told better in Turbo. John Ratzenburger is in it. It may not be a Pixar film but that trademark stayed. The story seems to be compelling enough for children. My daughter was fulling invested in the film even though she found Cars 2 dull. When Dusty got into trouble she was on the edge of her seat.

The bad, oh the bad. There’s no added value for the parents. Its a short film but nothing to keep us excited especially if you’ve seen Turbo recently. I’ve seen Finding Nemo dozens of times but I can’t see myself watching this more than once to see if my feelings about it have changed. The voice actors are terribly miscast. Nowadays recognizable voice actors have become a big deal. You will recognize Chugg (Brad Garrett) Bulldog (John Cleese) Rochelle (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Leadbottom (Cedric The Entertainer) You might recognize Dottie (Teri Hatcher) and You most likely can’t place Dane Cook as Dusty, and I didn’t notice Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer. I couldn’t place Stacy Keach as Skipper till I was driving home. It was in my head but vague. Planes feels like a cash grab. The 3D was some of the worse I’ve seen all year.


Walt Disney Animation

I would have to say this movie is a push. There’s a good moral message that’s inspiring to children to go after your dreams and the required happy ending as well as the bad guy getting his just desserts but its not that inspiring.


My Rating: Redbox
Worth the upcharge: 3D (no never)
Director: Klay Hall
Studio: Walt Disney Animation
Release Date: August 9, 2013
Run time: 92 minutes
MPAA Rating: PG

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