Trailer Park Tuesday: Delivery Man

delivery manWhat would you do if you found out about about family you never knew existed? That’s the premise behind Delivery Man. In a quick poll it turns out those “extra” family members are more frequent than one realizes. Half-siblings, uncles, cousins who are closer related than you originally think, its amazing how much more you end up finding about your family as you get older. Family comes in all sizes, shapes and types.  for those who don’t feel that have a family its not just blood that connects you, its a relationship. There’s no template of what a family should be just who you consider your family and how you treat them.

The premise behind Delivery Man is Dave (Vince Vaughn) due to a fertility clinic mix-up finds out he’s the father of 533 children. Several of them are suing to find out his identity. What he does when he finds out who they are is what changes not only their lives but also his. Chris Pratt also stars at his lawyer and best friend.

delivery man

This is a situation that most people would never encounter or even know what to do. Its clear he doesn’t have an idea either but his decision to jump in in his own way makes for a dynamic that I’m intrigued to see. At first I though this would be an odd comedy but after watching the trailer it seems very different and looks to bring you in for a story but just for laughs. Delivery Man hits theaters November 22. Check out the trailer below.

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