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notsosecretsanta2Warrior has been sitting in my Netflix queue for months. Every time I open it up when I’m home alone and can watch R rated movies in peace I sit there and debate watching it finally. But usually this happens.

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but since I was given this movie by my secret santa I have to watch it now. Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy are MMA fighters and brothers so as a girl I realized

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and sat down to enjoy it. Tom hardy plays older brother Tommy who’s got a drinking and pill problem and is a was in Iraq. Joel Edgerton is the younger brother Brendan and he’s married to Cameron, I mean Emma, I mean Tess played by Jennifer Morrison. Nick Nolte is in this as well he plays their dad Paddy and apparently he was a major douche when they were kids. Neither of the boys seems to like him and he’s the reason the boys don’t like each other either. When Paddy shows up to tell Brendan he’s 1000 days sober and that his brother Tommy has resurfaced Brendan wants no parts of his dad. Dad’s all like I’ve changed I’m a better man let me see my grand kids. Brendan is bitch please remember what you did to this family?

So both brothers are separate from each other and training to get into this huge MMA tournament. Neither knows the other has the same goal. Tommy wants to win the money to give to the widow of a fallen soldier from his unit, while Brendan needs the money to keep his house. He’s pretty much broke living off a high school teacher’s salary and having to pay the medical bills for his daughter’s surgery. Oh course they both make it into the tournament or else we wouldn’t have a movie. On the night the fighter’s show up the brothers see each other across a crowded room and its clearly not the reunion.

Tommy goes into his rounds and is beating people down with authority. He comes in dispatches his opponent and leaves. Brendan is getting all the shade in the world from the announcers during his first fight. But he hangs on and wins. The crowd does a huge shift.

The New York Yankees are scared of thunder

Its only a matter of time before the 2 have to fight each other.
the good the bad, and the ugly

So the brothers fight it out and its sweaty and they are crying, and Paddy is nowhere to be found. Its a mess I’m telling you a mess. But it ends how you expect and it was so good. And so worth it.

If you want to watch Warrior too here’s where you can find it streaming.


I watched this film as part of The Cinematic Katzenjammer Not-So-Secret Santa Review Swap.

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