Movie Review: The Bling Ring

bling ring teaserTeenagers obsessed with celebrities who them start stealing from them. Sounds impossible, but The Bling Ring is based on true events. The latest film from Sofia Coppola focuses on a group of teens who rob several celebrities over the course of a few months with Paris Hilton being their main target.

Marc (Israel Broussard) is a new student at the high school all the rejects attend. He meets and becomes best friends with Becca (Katie Chang) She’s obsessed with all things celebrity, she dreams of graduating and her life playing out like The Hills, she has an intense focus on Lindsay Lohan. Also at the school and apparently the only one who is actually wealthy is Chloe (Claire Julien) Along with home schooled sisters Nicki (Emma Watson) and Sam (Taissa Farmiga) the decide to break into celebrities homes and rob them.


The group goes to unlocked homes. Paris Hilton keeps her keys under the mat, they scan the celeb gossip sites to find out when their targets will be out of town then they make a move. They take the cash, some jewels but mostly the clothes to wear and increase their own style factor. Becca is the leader but The Bling Ring is narrated by Marc. You are probably thinking unlocked homes? My own neighborhood has been a victim of this 3 times in the past 5 years. Each time the thieves turned out to be high school kids who lived within 5 miles and each time they only robbed the unlocked vehicles. Its a crime of lazy and happens all the time in the suburbs.

Bling Ring - Nicki

Here’s the problem with The Bling Ring. Its very clear that Becca and Marc are the leads but Emma Watson is the star. Becca has the least character development and its inexcusable considering how much screen time she has. The group is meant to be seen as vapid teens who are raised on a steady diet of MTV reality shows, People Magazine and Perez Hilton. While its based on the true crime the characters all seem to be completely made up. Outside of their ages and how they meet each other it seems nothing else about the real criminals is true. Since its so far and away from true life it makes even less sense that the 2 characters we get the most depth from and I use that loosely are Marc and Nicki. Emma Watson is so-so in this. She doesn’t have a lot to work with she just has to look and act like a privileged self-absorbed teen. She’s much better in The Perks of Being A Wallflower. The Bling Ring just has too many issue that keep it from being good. It doesn’t matter that the victims of the crimes are who this movie is supposed to vindicate and even the sentences they got were extremely light. This movie didn’t need to be made, there’s just no added value for anyone. I get it Sofia Coppola is friends with lots of the victims but it doesn’t even feel like she did anything great for them either.

My Rating: Wait for Cable
Director: Sofia Coppola
Studio: A24 Films
Release Date: June 21, 2013
Run time: 90 minutes
MPAA Rating: R

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