Would you rather? A box office showdown

Today we got the announcement from Focus Features that the Fifty Shades of Grey movie has an official release date. Now assuming it doesn’t change- remember nobody has been cast yet, we are assuming the script is finished, etc. The movie will be released on August 1st 2014. Wait doesn’t that date sound familiar? That’s the exact same date that Guardians of the Galaxy will be released. People are thinking box office showdown, but I say not so fast.


Focus Features

Fifty Shades appeals to women, not all women obviously as for every great 5 star review of the book there’s another ripping it to shreds. I personally did not like the book and it took me a month to force my way to the finish. Regardless the book is banking on the fact that is has a huge fan base, assuming its casting choice of a male lead is someone most women find extremely attractive add in those Twilight fans it should have a strong opening. Number north of Magic Mike and the Sex and the City movie are not impossible to beat. This is assuming nobody else attempts a release that weekend for that segment of the audience.


Marvel/Walt Disney Studios

Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel and Walt Disney Studios on the other had has been on a casting spree. Now granted a superhero film takes time to make, sets, green screen, costumes, makeup etc. I am admittedly not familiar with this storyline at all…I grew up on a steady diet of Batman and the DC universe, so I can only guess based on the conversations I’ve seen from my other much more aware of Marvel friends that they are very much looking forward to this. Guardians should put up a $70 million or more opening week with just the Marvel fan base. While this fan base is overwhelmingly male there are many women who enjoy these types of movies. Women who will choose this over Fifty Shades. When I screen movies that appeal to women for instance last years The Vow, there is a very small segment of male attendees who look like they were dragged. By contrast scanning the audience at The Avengers and Iron Man 3, there was a higher percentage of women then most people would assume (around 20%) and quite a few who were either alone or with only other women. (I myself attended all of those films alone)

The thing is its very easy for both movies to have huge numbers. My prediction is Guardians will do better because of the women who would rather see it if given a choice. I myself would rather see Guardians so maybe I’m biased. What about you?

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