Family Movietime: Monsters University

Monsters_University_finalCan you imagine a time back before Mike & Sully knew each other? How about if I tell you they didn’t even like each other? Back before they were Mike & Sully the Dream Team of Monsters Inc. They were freshman at Monsters University, one of the colleges that Monsters attend in their world. Mike is so sure he will be a scarier when he grows up, after a field trip to Monsters Inc. as a child and the emergency that occurred while he was there he’s sure that’s his goal in life. Sully on the other hand come from a family full of scarers and figures college is just about getting through because he’s got it in is genes.

Mike (Billy Crystal) has studied long and hard, Sully (John Goodman) has not. On the first day of Scare school they along with the rest of the incoming class learn from Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren), Not everyone enrolled gets to finish. At the end of the 1st semester those who fail will be transferred to other other majors. Now we know Mike he’s cute and not a threat at all. This poses a huge problem for him and the dean as well as many others don’t allow him to forget that.

Dean Hardscrabble - monsters university


Monsters University is about college life. The rival school Fear Tech is mentioned a few times, there are parties, the cool kids and the big highlight of the movie the Greek games which pairs the fraternities and sororities against each other. And Randle (Steve Buscemi) is here, he’s Mike’s nerdy roommate. It takes at least half the movie for Mike and Sully to warm up to each other. When they are forced to pledge Oozma Kappa a fraternity made up of students who don’t fit in anywhere else, we get a group of guys who need to stay together.

Monsters University OK


Monsters University seems to be written more for those who are old enough to have enjoyed Monsters Inc. Its been almost 12 years since its release and while children will enjoy it has a feel that its geared to those at least 11 or older. This doesn’t mean its not kid-appropriate, But the subject will go over their heads. This isn’t recommended for the very young, one of the main themes that they drive is that scary = greatness. Because of this the monsters tend to look a lot less like Mike. Under 5 may find the movie scary especially the library and early scare class scenes. This is the type of movie parents will probably enjoy more than the kids. And definitely skip the 3D. Its really only used to show depth in crowd shots. This movie is definitely entertaining and full of jokes to keep the parents invested. Stay through and after the credits for bonus scenes.

My Rating: Matinee
Worth 3D: NO
Director: Dan Scanlon
Studio: Disney/Pixar
Release Date: June 21, 2013
Run time: 10 minutes
MPAA Rating: G

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