Manhunt the real story behind the hunt for Osama Bin Laden

manhuntFind, Track and kill Osama Bin Laden. The hardest task which took several years started with the “Sisterhood” a group of all female CIA analysts and ends with that infamous press conference. Manhunt, takes a look at those behind the scenes. This isn’t about those who got the glory or even the SEALs, its about the team and the many years of work they put in to find him.

I got to see Manhunt while attending Full Frame Doc Fest back in April. Manhunt is premiering on HBO tonight as part of their documentary series. Directed by Greg Barker, Manhunt give first person interviews and storytelling with the people who worked in the trenches. The stories most of us don’t know. I was originally hesitant to see this because i didn’t want to compare it to Zero Dark Thirty, after seeing it, I realized 2 things, the hunt took much longer, People are willing to be honest about who they didn’t like and how they were treated. The scene in ZD3 where Jessica Chastain is asked if she’s worked on anything else? There were others just like her not in the field who had only 1 target that they lived and breathed.

Cindy Storer of MANHUNT a film about the peopl...

Cindy Storer of MANHUNT a film about the people behind the scenes in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. Also lovely to talk to her.  (via notthecar)

One of the highlights to Manhunt are the graphics during the story. It does a connect the dots and flowcharts movement. it keeps you engaged in the story as well as provides a timeline so you are more aware of what happened when. The tiny group of the sisterhood who were understaffed and funded and ignored. How that same group was villainized by the government after 9/11, even though they provided warning after warning. This is about the women behind the scenes and the work they did. The Q&A afterward with director Greg Barker as well as  Cindy Storer and Susan Hasler was so insightful. Sure there were jokes in its comparison to ZD3 but most of the questions were about why they were so ignored for so long, they pushed to give these fast action results. The women indirectly point out that while working on tracking Osama, how who was in the White House at the time affected their work. You find yourself sitting there asking why? You see the writing on the wall and wonder what took so long? You see how they reacted to Jennifer Lynne Matthew’s death at Camp Chapman. The movie covers a large scan of years but it keeps you engrossed the whole time. Its definitely worth checking out. HBO GO users have to wait a while longer. Manhunt won’t be available till June 15th.

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