Summer Movie Preview Roundup

UPDATE: As I review movies the links will be added to this post.

May is what most people call the official start of the Summer blockbuster movie season. From May 1 till the end of August we get the big budget action movies, the heavily advertised kid flicks and the return of midweek opening days. For me its the 2nd most busy time behind the November – January award season, which tires me out until the film festivals really ramp up. As an action flick junkie though summer is my favorite time of the year. There’s something for everyone in the summer and while the blockbusters have probably caught your attention there’s also so hidden sleepers you should keep an eye out for. With theater runs getting shorter and shorter I’ve broken it out by month since you probably only have about that long to catch it before its gone.


The big one here is of course Iron Man 3 which opens this Friday. It gets the season off to a explosive start and its already making a ton of money overseas. May also bring us The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio. This was originally slated for last fall with a summer release and 3D, it gives me pause on its quality. peeples-craig-robinsonPeeples, which has some of the oddest poster art, starring Kerry Washington, Craig Robinson and David Alan Grier. It does have Tyler Perry’s name attached which for some people is a deal-breaker (review here). Star Trek Into Darkness, (review) which has not only trekkies but Sherlock (the Benedict Cumberbatch version) fans excited for. Even if I happen to pre-screen this I have to take my grandma to see this as she’s never missed a Star Trek movie in theaters. Also opening that week is the English Teacher starring Julianne Moore and Lily Collins. Its about an English teacher’s life being disrupted when a former student comes back to town after failing as a playwright.

May 24th has something for everyone. While The Hangover 3 and Fast & Furious 6  may split audiences, the family friendly Epic will be one for the kids and for fans of the Ethan Hawke series the final in the trilogy, Before Midnight might be a good date movie. May 31st brings After Earth which will finally prove if Will Smith’s box-office gold is more powerful than M. Night Shayamalan audience poison. Also opening that day are Now You See Me starring Jesse Eisenberg and Morgan Freeman, and The East starring Brit Marling and Jason Ritter. The East is a mystery thriller so I’m hoping a get more info about it when it gets closer but so far I’m interested. One last entry in the coming of age category is The Kings of Summer.

Most likely to win the month: Iron Man 3
Sleeper to look out for: Now You See Me
Probably worth skipping: Before Midnight


June opens with the Owen Wilson Vince Vaughn comedy, The Internship. The duo end up in the Google internship program and hilarity ensues. There’s a lot of chatter about this movie on G+ for obvious reasons but by people not connected to Google. Also opening that week is Much Ado About Nothing, Joss Whedon’s low budget take on Shakespeare. Josh Puts people in seats and early talks seem to be favorable. The following week brings us the first midweek opening of This is The End, the Seth Rogen apocalypse movie. Also opening is Man of Steel this is DC’s chance to see if it can get the Justice League movie off the ground and keep up with Marvel. Sofia Coppola’s newest movie based on a true story is The Bling Ring, with the gifs of Emma Watson floating around on Tumblr the biggest question is can it hold the audience its going to bring in even if its not the target.
Emma Watson - The Bling Ring
Rounding out that week is Stuck in Love a dramedy about a family and how they cope with love and heartache over a year. The 21st brings us the latest from Pixar the prequel to Monsters Inc. Monsters University. Disney has been going all out for this and Pixar always knocks them out of the park so this shouldn’t be any different.

Monsters University OK

World War Z starring Brad Pitt, the zombie movie also opens that Friday. Since these are completely different audiences both could have stellar opening weeks. June ends on with White House Down, similar story to Olympus Has Fallen this time with Channing Tatum and Jamie Fox. The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy which the trailer sold me on and Byzantium, a vampire flick starring Gemma Arteron.

Most likely to win the month: Man of Steel – even if its bad it will have a huge opening week
Sleeper to look out for: The Bling Ring
Probably worth skipping: World War Z – call it a hunch


the Way,Way Back cast shotOpening week of July is another attempt to not split audiences. We have Despicable Me 2 for the kids, The Lone Ranger for the action fans and The Way Way Back for the Steve Carell fans. The Way Way Back is a coming of age movie about a teenager and the friendship he makes with a park manager. This will probably get limited release so if you can’t find it look again later in the month. The next week Grownups 2 is pitted against Pacific Rim. This isn’t much of a box office battler as Adam Sandler just isn’t the draw he used to be.

Red2_Frank MosesI have had July 19th circled on a calendar ever since they moved the date up. Its when Red 2 opens. Words cannot describe how excited I am to see Frank and the crew get the band back together. I still watch the original Red, 3 times a month. Also opening that week is RIPD, think Men in Black with ghosts. I really wish Hollywood could figure out what to do with Ryan Reynolds. I like him I really do and he has great comedic timing so why he keeps ending up in places that make me scratch my head I’ll never know. Only God Forgives starring Ryan Gosling as a smuggler who is looking to find those responsible for his brother’s death sounds compelling enough for the rest of the world who doesn’t go see movies because of Ryan Gosling. Rounding out the week is Dreamwork’s Turbo about a snail who wants to win the Indy 500. June ends a little quiet with The Wolverine which hopes to recapture what people didn’t like about X-men Origins: Wolverine, and The Smurfs 2 aims to get the families back for a second round.

Most likely to win the month: Despicable Me 2 – families duh
Sleeper to look out for: Only God Forgives – Assuming a small release
Probably worth skipping: Grownups 2, RIPD


August opens with 300: Rise of an Empire. After the success of 300 this may be a nobrainer for how this does. Only 2 things can derail it, a bad movie and box office crowding. 2 Guns pairs Denzel Washington with Mark Walhberg. Both are ticket movies so unless either reviews tank the film expect good things. Instead of explaining it peep the trailer below.

Next week we have Elysium starring Jodie Foster and Matt Damon. This is sure to get sci-fi fans in the door who may be on withdrawal after Pacific Rim almost a month earlier. Disney’s Planes also opens that week. August 16th brings us another box office showdown week. Kick Ass 2 opens. If you haven’t seen the original expect it to start popping up in Redbox machines shortly before its release. Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, hopes to bring in fans of the book since those same fans of the book were highly disappointed with The Lightening Thief. This was my least favorite book of the series so I’m underwhelmed here. Add that to the promo picks of Tyson make me thing twice about taking the family. The Aubrey Plaza vehicle, The To Do List opens that week. If you don’t know who she is, she’s on Parks and Recreation and was in a failed stunt with Will Farrell during the MTV Movie Awards which a lot of people tweeting wondering who the heck she was. In The To Do List, Aubrey is a high school student who makes a list of things to do before she goes to college. Think Easy A in the spice up her image aspect but with more follow-thru.

paranoia-castRounding out the season is Paranoia starring Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford. The story pits Hemsworth’s character in between the 2 screen vets in a power struggle for a business deal. There’s no reason for me not to see this one. Finally we have Your Next, a horror film to end the month.

Most likely to win the month: Planes – again families by the numbers
Sleeper to look out for: Paranoia
Probably worth skipping: The To Do List

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