Happy Rex Manning Day!

Rex Manning

Oh Rexy, you’re so sexy

It may be a Monday but its also a big day Its Rex Manning Day. Nobody is allowed to be sad on Rex Manning day. Make sure you let Corey bring Rex his lunch, get Gina to put so close on. and no matter how many times you say it his name is not Warren. Warren so misunderstood and full of rage.

Enjoy the Say No more, Mon Amour video from everyone on Rex Manning Day.

Empire Records is one of those movies I have to watch every single time its on. No matter where i catch it, the songs, the people and of course Warren. Its rather common for me and some friends to frequently quote back most of Warren’s scenes with AJ and Lucas. Sure its Rex Manning Day but who can forget the misunderstood deviant Warren? I’m pretty sure i like him more than Lucas. Say what?

And if you need a little more Rex or the rest of the Empire Records crew on a day like today here’s where you can find it streaming.

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