Full Frame Festival Recap, Day 4

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(This is the day 4 recap, to see the recaps of day 1 and day 3 click the links)

The Final day of The Full Frame Film Festival is awards and encore day. There are still some documentaries mixed in from the invited category (those which will not be voted on) But most attendees were waiting for the announcement of who would be shown in encore.

When I walked up to the Durham Convention Center around noon the line for the box office was out the door and around the block. The awards BBQ was in full swing and people were lining up waiting for the announcement of who won the awards and which 8 films would be getting encores this afternoon.

The list of the Full Frame award winners :

Full Frame Audience Awards- Feature
A Will for the Woods, directed by Amy Browne, Jeremy Kaplan, Tony Hale and Brian

Full Frame Audience Awards- Short
The Record Breaker, directed by Brian McGinn
The Reva and David Logan Grand Jury Award
American Promise directed by Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson

The Full Frame Jury Award for Best Short
By Her Side directed by Niels van Koevorden

Honorable Mention

A Story for the Modlins directed by Sergio Oksman

The Center For Documentary Studies Filmmaker Award

A River Changes Course, directed by Kalyanee Mam

The Charles E. Guggenheim Emerging Artist Award
Cutie and the Boxer, directed by Zachary Heinzerling

Full Frame Inspiration Award
God Loves Uganda, directed by Roger Ross Williams

Full Frame President’s Award
Pablo’s Winter, directed by Chico Pereira

The Kathleen Bryan Edwards Award for Human Rights
After Tiller, directed by Martha Shane and Lana Wilson
Honorable Mention
The Undocumented directed by Marco Williams

The Nicholas School Environmental Award
A Will for the Woods directed by Amy Browne, Jeremy Kaplan, Tony Hale and Brian Wilson

The line for the box office started moving and people were snapping up tickets to see the encores. I ran into The Directors of After Tiller, Martha Shane and Lana Wilson and congratulated them. I then had a quick chat with Joe Brewster one of the co-directors of American Promise about his win and how the crusade does not stop.

Since i missed it the day before I sat in to watch After Tiller. The audience mood was quiet throughout the whole film. Its a delicate subject and followed with thundering applause. Abortion is a tricky subject to cover and this focuses on the doctors who perform it with no commentary from the directors. Its a view most don’t see or understand. The films shown don’t just tell a story and stop, They want you to react and move forward and that was echoed several times this weekend.

The last film i caught was In So Many Words. Locals to the Raleigh area especially the special needs families know the name Lucy Daniels all too well. In So Many Words, directed by Elisabeth Haviland James is a retrospect of Lucy Daniels’ life growing up in a prominent family which owned the Raleigh News & Observer. She was hospitalized in several asylums from 16-21 for her anorexia. She then went on to become a bestselling novelist, mother of 4 and the founder of the Lucy Daniels Foundation and the Lucy Daniels Early Childhood Center. Lucy is 79 years old and a spitfire. She’s funny and genuine and many of the attendees were locals who know much of the work her foundation does but knew little to nothing about the woman behind it. There was a lot of audience laughter with the Q&A that followed whenever questions were directed to Lucy. There was a question about the use of actresses to portray Lucy as a baby, child, teen and in her early 20’s. While the actresses never spoke they were used because there was little to no video footage of Lucy’s childhood. Pictures were rare and the ones that they did have are used throughout the film. It was a great way for me to end out the festival with a local film.

It's been a great 4 days. So long #fullframefe...

It’s been a great 4 days. So long #fullframefest via notthecar

My first year at Full Frame was amazing i must say. The energy, the people, the food trucks all made for a great event. I can’t wait to do it again next year. This is definitely an event all locals should attend, the mix of paid and free screenings give you options for every budget.

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