DVD Review – The Cold Light of Day

Cold Light of Day posterWill is about to have his bad day become a worse day. In The Cold Light of Day, Will Shaw (Henry Cavill) is a business owner who is meeting with his family for a sailing trip in Spain. He seems super disconnected during the trip because he finds out his company is going bankrupt. After fighting with his dad Martin (Bruce Willis and almost getting his brother’s girlfriend hurt he swims off the boat to get some supplies only to come back and find the boat missing. When Will finally finds the boat someplace else its completely ransacked and his family is nowhere to be found.

When Will runs to the police for help he soon finds out they are in on it and they grabbed everyone buy his father. And this is when the movie goes from bad to worse. Martin is of course a CIA agent when he goes to his handler Carrack played by a badass Sigourney Weaver, she double crosses him and yes not even 30 minutes in we have a dead Bruce Willis. The rest of the film is Will going from looking like a scared out of his mind guy to slightly more having it together. He finds out he’s on the run from 2 sets of people, Carrack and her team as well as the people who grabbed his family. Along the way Will finds out he has a sister, you know typical CIA agent double life secret family and what not. Will and his new sister are now running trying to get the case so they can get Will’s family bad.

This movie is bad its so so bad. First you have to deal with a set of scenes that were clearly filmed during the day and tinted to look like night. The acting is not bad, Sigourney Weaver delivers here she didn’t show up for a paycheck but she can’t fix a terrible screenplay. At the end of the day this is just a bad movie and nothing was every going to save it. Don’t blame Cavill though. I’m still excited to see him in Man of Steel because of how great he was all those seasons of The Tudors. Unless its free don’t bother watching this. I’ll save you the ending, Sigourney Weaver dies, Will and his new sister are injured but are reunited with the rest of Will’s family.

My Rating: No. Just No.
Director: Mabrouk El Mechri
DVD release date: January 29, 2013
MPAA rating: PG-13
Studio: Summit Entertainment
Run time: 93 minutes

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