Capitol Portraits released to promote Catching Fire

capitol_victory_tourIt seems like the release Catching Fire, The next film in The Hunger Games series is taking forever to get here. In order to give the fans something to enjoy, Lionsgate has released a series of Capitol Portraits of several people from Catching Fire. With a timer on their Tumblr page and a new Instagram account, the slowly teased fans and released each portrait on various entertainment sites. from Perez Hilton, MTV and Pop Sugar to name a few. Now it appears that all of the portraits have been released. Click each image below to see full size.

Image credit Lionsgate Entertainment

UPDATE: The Capitol Couture website has been updated not only with all the portraits but also videos stills and articles to give that fans a better inside the capitol feel. While it is mostly a fashion website at heart the details are set up that if you were a resident of the captiol yourself this is what you would be viewing.

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