Movie Review: Identity Thief

Identity_Thief_PosterJason Bateman an underpaid guy with the odd name of Sandy Bigelow Patterson, while working unwittingly falls for one of the biggest scams. Melissa McCarthy is a woman who steals his identity. Sandy’s existence is meager. His wife (Amanda Peet) and kids love him, they are barely making ends meet but the company that pays him little to nothing is giving out bonuses to the top dogs included his boss Harold Cornish played briefly by Jon Faverau. When Sandy is offered the opportunity to have a better title and more pay from his fellow coworker Daniel (John Cho), he takes it because this is the beginning of better things for him. Meanwhile somewhere in Florida the fake Sandy Patterson who goes by Diana is buying anything that’s not tied down, she even buys a jet-ski, she’s getting spa appointments buying rounds for an entire bar and getting herself arrested. Sandy’s world comes completely crashing down when he finds his cards maxed out, and a warrant for his arrest. When the Detective Reilly (Morris Chestnut) does some work and they find out Sandy’s been an identity theft victim they release him only to come back later searching for drugs because the other Sandy is into some crazy shit. The police don’t do much of anything to help Sandy so he decides to track her down himself so he cant bring her in.

Identity thief - Jason Bateman * Melissa McCarthy

This adventure brings in the extra people, Robert Patrick plays a bounty hunter on the trail of Diana for bail jumping. T.I. and Genesis Rodriquez play Julian and Marisol, two criminals who were working with Diana till she double crossed them so now they are trying to kill her. It doesn’t take long for Sandy to catch up with Diana, their fight is pretty hilarious but because of the other 2 sets pursuing them they end up forced together.

Identity Thief

The Identity Thief is filled with 1-liners comedic fights and general tomfoolery. It can easily become a quotable movie to watch a few more times. Than again I’ve seen The Change Up so many times I love a good quotable movie. Identity Thief goes for the cheap laughs and I don’t really have a probably with that. Its not smart or heartwarming even when Diana gets her makeover its still funny and full of physical comedy. Identity Thief will be watched my me at least 2 more times. Its easily one of those movies that comes on cable and you stop to watch and laugh.

My Rating: Matinee
Director: Seth Gordon
Studio: Universal Pictures
MPAA Rating: R
Run Time: 1 hour 51 minutes


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