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movie_theaterHappy Hallmark day! Some people love this day, some loathe it and sometimes Hollywood makes a movie about it. I asked around the Interwebs what were some of the best love stories on film and got some great feedback including a few movies I’ve never seen and others that don’t fall into the conventional style of a love story.

A Crowdsourced List of movies about Love

Love Actually
Up Close & Personal
The Notebook
Say Anything
Sliding Doors
While You were Sleeping
Love & Other Drugs
The Goodbye Girl
Benny & Joon
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Sense & Sensibility
A Lot like Love

Notice something? Not all of these movies are happy endings or even happy love stories but they all are about being in love or falling in love. In some cases not noticing Love staring you in the face.

I’ve seen 12 of 15 movies listed up here. I’ve seen Love Actually and Benny & Joon over 15 times each. Only one of the movies made me cry and it wasn’t The Notebook (which I’ve never seen in its entirety) It was Love & Other Drugs which I watched a few weeks after the love of my life passed away.

Each of these movies resonate with people for various reasons even if they aren’t happy they are still about love and story gives them a special place in someones heart to trigger repeat viewings. If you want to watch about of the movies on this list head on over to Can I Stream It? Which can let you know where to find each of these movies. I will be watching one of the 3 I’ve never seen tonight, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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