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Guilt Trip Movie

Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand star in the new comedy The Guilt Trip

Andy (Rogen) is an organic chemist who after a few years working in the EPA quit in order to sell his new product called Scie-o-clean. He’s about to do a cross country road trip to sell his product to big name companies. Andy is close to broke having sunk all his money into this cleaner. He visits his mom Joyce (Streisand)  in Jersey since he’s going to drive back to the West coast. Joyce is very upset he’s not married, she hates that he lives so far away, she’s super frugal and has refused to date since his dad died when Andy was 8.
The night before he’s going to leave his mom tells him the story of a guy she was very much in love with named Andy Margolis and when she met Andy’s dad she went to this guy who told her to go with the new guy. For clarification Andy is named after his Joyce’s 1st love who is not Andy’s father.
Andy looks up this guy and finds him still alive, unmarried and living in San Francisco. In an attempt to make his mom move forward he invites her to drive cross country with him. I’m not even sure how this works int a Guilt Trip since Joyce doesn’t muscle her way into tagging along and i don’t see where or how he feels guilt at any time.  He doesn’t tell her about finding the other Andy until they get to Texas. Along the drive we have them fighting over the rental, Andy reserved a SUV but his mom in her penny pinching waves downgrades him to a tiny compact. A pitstop at a strip club in Tennessee because of a flat and snowy conditions, a visit against Andy’s will to his high school sweetheart’s home where she’s happily married with children. The movie really doesn’t pick up my interest until the get to Texas and Joyce decides to do the steak eating challenge at a local eatery.
The Steak Challenge

Joyce has to eat everything or it costs $100

This movie was really slow to get going and the jokes were few and far between. You get that Joyce is this helicopter mom who can’t let go within the first 3 minutes of the film. You don’t really get why Andy is the way he is if its his overbearing mom, his lack of success or what. they don’t really flesh it out well. In the end he comes across as a guy who’s just a bit too rigid in how he thinks things should be and his own expectations. I can’t see wanting to watch this a 2nd time. I get its supposed to be about a mother and son reconnecting but it doesn’t play as well as the father daughter relationship in Trouble with the Curve. It tries to hard to be funny but some jokes just feel painful so you let out a weird laugh.

Release Date: December 19, 2012
Studio: Paramount
Director: Anne Fletcher
Runtime: 1 hour 35 minutes
My Rating: Redbox

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