Movie Review – Silver Linings Playbook

In light of the recent events of Newtown, This movie review deals with the subjects of Mental illness and violent outbursts.
silver-linings-playbook Pat (Bradley Cooper) has lost everything. He came home one day to find his wife banging a co-worker while listening to the song they danced to at their wedding – My Cheri Amour by Steve Wonder. Pat beats the hell out of him and ends up doing an 8 month stint in a mental health facility. Pat is in denial about him being unstable and feels this was just to keep him out of jail for beating a guy almost to a pulp. He is bi-polar even if he doesn’t agree with it. When he is released to his parents care, he has a plan to win his wife back even though he hasn’t seen her since. She sold his house, moved away and has a restraining order against him.

Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) is the younger sister of one of Pat’s close friends. Tiffany’s husband Tommy died and since his passing Tiffany is severely depressed and screws anything that moves. When a disastrous dinner fix up that neither Pat or Tiffany are expecting has them commiserate over anti-psychotic meds and he turns down her advances that night, Tiffany decides to make changes in her own life.

Silver Linings Playbook is a whole lot about the Eagles, seeing the signs in your life and realizing that what you think you want isn’t necessarily the best for you. Pat and Tiffany connect very slowly over the course of this film it becomes less about a love story and more about a guy accepting that the life he had wasn’t his silver lining and that if he moves forward he’ll see better choices. Pat has dysfunction all around him and until he starts to understand that he’s not OK and he takes the time to move forward it will get better. This movie is full of signs. His douchebag brother who likes to prove he’s better, his father played by Robert DeNiro who has OCD and rage issues. Pat Sr. has a lifetime ban from ever attending an Eagles game because he beat up several people one day. Tiffany feels inferior to her sister Veronica played by Julia Stiles who has her husband Ronnie on a short leash and gets whatever she wants. Pat and Tiffany need each other for more than just to heal.

I give this movie a Matinee. Its a sweet story and they do have some character development for Pat and Tiffany but you feel like they could have tried harder with some of the supporting characters. Chris Tucker plays Danny, Pat’s friend from the hospital and is here for comedic timing but he could have been written better or used more. Veronica has more development the he does and those 2 are on equal plains in the movie.

Director: David O. Russell
Studio: The Weinstein Company
Release Date: November 21, 2012
Runtime: 122 minutes
MPAA Rating: R
My rating: Matinee

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