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The latest from Dreamworks is Rise of the Guardians, Based on the childrens and YA novels Guardians of Childhood by William Joyce of Rolie Polie Olie fame.
The Guardians are people selected by the Man in the Moon to protect childhood. Their existence is being threatened by Pitch (Jude Law) who is basically the boogeyman. The Main guardians are the Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher), North (Alec Baldwin), Sandman and Bunnymund (Hugh Jackman). When Pitch rises they are told that the Man in the Moon has selected a new Guardian Jack Frost (Chris Pine). The only teenager in the lot, he has no memories of his life prior to becoming Jack Frost. The others all know of him even though he’s only personally had dealings with Bunnymund and Sandy. As they try to unite and get Jack to take on the role of a Guardian we get the conflicts of believing versus not, there are children who want to back to believe Central to the story Jamie (Dakota Goyo) and others who have outgrown the ideas.

Guardians all together

This movie is actually pretty good. The different portrayals of the characters from the ideals most American children grow up with are interesting. I know there’s many variations of Santa across cultures and this story has a big, burly, tattooed Russian. The Easter Bunny is a muscular Australian with an attitude problem who has a general disdain for several other holiday figures, most noticeably the Groundhog – I’m sure Punxsutawney Phil is not pleased wit that, and his personal vendetta against Jack for causing a snowstorm on Easter on year. Pretty much only the idea of the Sandman is the ones your children may recognize.


Sandy working his magic

If you have a child who still believes in these myths the movie does a pretty good job of reinforcing the idea, even that yes the bad ones like the boogeyman exist too. The story can get a little dicey at times. The Boogeyman is meant to scare you and the story has a heartbreaking moment right before the climax that brought the kid to tears when Jack reaches his low point.

This movie I give a full price. The 3D is worth the upcharge, the story is captivating even for adults. The portrayal of the Guardians as adults and not super nice cutesy characters works in favor of the parents. The kid loved it also and already wants a copy on DVD.


Studio: Dreamworks Animation Studio
Director: Peter Ramsey
Release Date: November 21, 2012
Runtime: 97 minutes
MPAA Rating: PG
3D upcharge: Worth it
My rating: Full Price


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