Now on Streaming – The Adventures of Tintin

The 2011 movie The Adventures of Tintin directed by Steven Spielberg is now streaming on Netflix. The girl and I sat down and decided to watch this. I have seen a few episodes of the old cartoon back when I was a kid, there are also several episodes of the cartoon on Netflix as well.


I have seen a few episodes of the old cartoon Tintin back when I was a kid, there are also several episodes of the cartoon on Netflix as well. The story focuses on the Lost Unicorn episode, In the movie Tintin voiced by Jamie Bell and his ever trusty dog Snowy meet Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis) and fight off the villain Sakharine voiced by Daniel Craig who I couldn’t place until I got to the credits at the end. Tintin purchases an old ship in the market and finds that it holds a hidden clue to a lost treasure the action picks up pretty early in this film and the Captain’s drunken rants are quite comical. the animation is very impressive in this film. I was surprised to see all the hairs on the back of the Captain’s neck with such clarity. The movie leaves it room for future adventures while wrapping up this story-line  The target age for this movie is probably upper elementary. Tintin is an adult probably around 20, I don’t want parents to think he’s this teenager since he lives alone, carries a gun and gets into some very dangerous situations. The bumbling police officers Thompson (Nick Frost) and Thompson (Simon Pegg) are also here and just as inept as usual. The movie is entertaining, both of us really enjoyed it all the way thru.

The Adventures of Tintin is rated PG. Recommended for ages 8 and up. If you are signed into your Netflix account you can watch it via the link.