Movie Review: American Hustle
Movie Review: Nebraska
Frozen turns the princess ideal on its head
Movie Review: The Hunger Games Catching Fire

Movie Review: Draft Day


Before you groan about another sports movie take a look at Draft Day. The new film staring Kevin Costner focuses on a day in the life of a Gm of a major football franchise in this case a major day the NFL draft. Draft Day is full of stars besides Costner as Sonny Weaver Jr. His newly pregnant not-so-secret girlfriend Ali is played by Jennifer Garner, she’s also the number cruncher who makes sure the Browns don’t go over salary cap. Dennis Leary is the head coach Vince and Ellen Continue reading

Now on DVD: The Pirate Fairy


Ever wonder how Tinker Bell met Captain Hook? Disney has released another film that follows Tinker Bell and her friends called The Pirate Fairy. It focuses on a Dust fairy Zarina (voiced by Christina Hendricks) who is very curious about why there are only 2 colors of pixie dust. Zarina is more of an outsider, she asks a lot of questions and when she’s away from everyone else she spends lots of time experimenting. Dust fairies are mostly shown in a factory-type setting and Tinker Bell and her friends whenever Continue reading

Sing into Spring Music and Giveaway

Disney Sing into Spring tween collection

Are you ready to Sing into Spring? This winter has been brutal and we could all use some nice weather. Its spring break for kids in this area and we had our first 80F day all year. Its April and this is the first time I’ve worn shorts. Just when I thought I was sung out and after heading home from a road trip tot he beach, received a music collection from Walt Disney Records to get this house in the mood for warmer weather. Even though own the film Continue reading

Movie Review: Divergent with book spoilers

Tris taking her faction test in Divergent

What would you do if society says you have to fit in a box and you don’t? Divergent based on the widely popular YA series by Veronica Roth takes a female lead who just doesn’t fit in one place in a world where not fitting in gets you killed. If you haven’t read the books here’s so details. Set in a dsytopian future Chicago. Everyone is born into a group called a faction you stay there till you are a teen. You take a test which will tell you which Continue reading

Movie Review: Need For Speed


Movies based on games have a very mixed history. If you throw in movies based on rides and attractions its an even more mixed bad. Need For Speed tries to capitalize on the trend by taking a highly popular video game and adding a story. But does it work? Need for Speed stars Aaron Paul of Breaking bad fame as Tobey Marshall. You know him we love his character but what about him? He’s a guy who from small town upstate new York who used to be the best racer Continue reading

Captain America The Winter Soldier new clip

Captain America Character style 2

Captain America The Winter Solider is getting closer to its release date and we now have Character posters and a new extended clip. You can check out the character posters, clip each image to see a large hi-res versions In addition to the returning cast you can get a really good look at Anthony Mackie as Falcon. The clip available below features a scene of Captain America, Black Widow and a few members of the team on a plane about to embark on a mission. Its about 4 minutes long. Continue reading

Movie Review: Non-Stop

non-stop horizontal

In a post 9/11 society it occurs to me we haven’t had a movie which focuses on the Air Marshals. Non-Stop decides to stop this dry spell and cat aging action hero Liam Neeson as Bill Marks, an alcoholic, world-weary, tired air marshal who has no desire to take his next assignment of a transatlantic flight to London. Non-Stop as several familiar faces of hew on the scene stars. Corey Stoll of House of Card fame is a passenger, Lupita Nyong’o and Michelle Dockery are flight attendants Gwen and Nancy. Continue reading